Ghia Steamline X ‘Gilda’ (1955)


Photo-illustration of a Ghia Streamline X at the very large array, created by Kevin C. Hulsey

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Mazda HR-X Concept (1991)

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Mazda MX-81 Aria Concept (1981)

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Mercedes-Benz F500 Mind Concept (2003)

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Lincoln Zephyr Continental Mark I Prototype (1939)

1940 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible (neg 72199-B).

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Peugeot Oxia 1988 Concept Car

1988 Peugeot Oxia Concept – top car design rating and specifications

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1982 Chevrolet Corvette

1982 Chevrolet Corvette. W82HV_CH002

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Novitec Alfa Romeo Spider

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Nissan S30 240z/280z

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1996 Bertone Opel Slalom

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